KMCT College Of Engineering for Women

Established in 2009, KMCT College of Engineering for Women offers three B.Tech programmes and one M.Tech Programme. With its avowed commitment to quality, the college has managed to attract an excellent team of qualified faculty members dedicated to teaching and has setup state-of-the-art facilities providing the right infrastructure for technical education. Over these years, the college has become one of the most preferred Engineering colleges in the state. With respect to the previous B.Tech and M.Tech results from KTU the college has secured first position among the self financing colleges in Calicut District.
Nestled in the Western Ghats, where beauty still blossoms from the mountainous horizon and green glace of alluring vegetation, is the sprawling ambience of KMCT College of Engineering for women. Bordered by magnificent hills and plains embellished with blissful and haunting greenary, adds beauty to the beautiful. This salubrious nature vouchsafes to the young, exuberant and zealous youth of the country a platform to acquire knowledge and skills and widen their intellectual contours. Well equipped campus with devoted and committed faculty allures the young aspirants to this professional institution. Come… visit this campus to experience the kaleidoscopic overview of the pristine natural beauty and vibrance of the vistas of knowledge.

Principal's Message

We have been witnessing an increased participation and involvement of women in various walks of human life. But, the proportion of women in the field of technical education is comparatively less. In the society at large, woman is relegated to bearing and rearing of children and house hold chores. Even though there have been attitudinal changes, a drastic mental revamp is required for the women in India to take up a career in technology and to be part of the innovations that provide solutions for the grinding problems of poverty alleviation, environmental pollution, sustainable development, urban and rural development etc. Individuals should pursue the studies that would provide them with a sense of accomplishment and self gratification, once they build a career. Women need extraneous support to cope with the pressures of both family and profession. We appreciate and congratulate those women who are princely perched in the elevated positions in various fields.
We solicit the younger women and the girls to join the group that pursue engineering and technology education to achieve a fruitful, rewarding and bodacious career. Life is not without challenges, but the reward depends on how one turns ‘impossible’ to ‘possible’. The path may be dusty and meandering, but trust, diligence and endurance will make the journey cozy. KMCT College of Engineering for Women is committed to achieve the incorrigible mission towards excellence through arduous endeavors and stringent measures utilizing individual prodigy

Dr. Elizabeth C Kuruvilla